Patient Engagement Resources

12 Apps to Transform Patient Engagement

In this webinar, you’ll discover 12 app ideas hospitals are implementing right now to engage patients. What we will cover: Creating a strategy for engaging patients using targeted mobile apps How Blueprints are helping hospitals quickly... View webcast

Making the Shift to Patient-Centered Radiology

A healthcare system under transition has meant that more than ever the patient is at the center, at every stage of their journey, from physician, to radiology, to follow-up. But for radiologists, this shift can pose a significant challenge, because... Download white paper

The Healthcare CIO Perspective on Supporting Clinical Workflows

In this survey designed specifically for healthcare CIOs and administered by CHIME, more than 100 IT leaders revealed the business goals behind their mobile workflow investments. CIOs responded to questions about their big-picture goals, the... Download white paper

How Mobile Apps can Reduce Preventable Readmissions

This year, readmission penalties will hit 2,610 hospitals across the US, with the maximum 3 percent penalty applying to 39 organizations – up from 2 percent maximum applied to 18 hospitals in 2013. Scrambling to reduce readmissions,... Download white paper

Patient-Centered Care, One App At a Time

More and more healthcare providers are realizing that patients are customers, and healthcare services should be marketed and tailored to their specific needs at each turn in their patient journey. Insurance payments are increasingly linked to... Download white paper

Making Data Actionable to Improve Provider and Member Engagement

The healthcare industry is in a period of transition. Payers are working to implement forms of value-based care and manage the health of populations at a time when both providers and patients are assuming responsibility in the decision-making... View webcast

Powering Peer Coaching with Digital Health Technology to Improve Addiction Recovery Outcomes

Technology has the power to dramatically improve today’s model of addiction care. Technological solutions enable engagement to better support individuals living with the disease and help them manage and sustain their recovery long term.... Download white paper

12 Hospital Apps for Quick ROI

As healthcare costs keep climbing, hospital CEOs, CFOs, clinicians, and marketers increasingly question the value of their organizations’ mobile initiatives. The million-dollar question now is, where is the ROI?  How... Download white paper

Improving Patient Care with Positive Patient Identification

Efficient, quality care starts with positive patient identification. Healthcare can only be effective if the right care is provided to the right patient, using the right patient information. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations are saddled... Download white paper

5 Elements of a Successful Patient Engagement Strategy

Patient engagement has always been considered a good thing in healthcare, and today it is vital to the business of delivering care. Download this whitepaper and learn how to implement a successful patient engagement strategy and achieve the... Download white paper