EHR Patient Portals

Which Patient Portal Features Deliver the Best Care Outcomes?

by Sara Heath

If it seemed as though the healthcare industry is continuously touting the benefits of patient portal use on overall health and wellness, you wouldn’t be wrong. Study after study suggests that patients who use the portal are more engaged...

HIM Groups Partner with GetMyHealthData for Patient Data Access

by Sara Heath

The process for patient data access may soon become easier, thanks to a new initiative from the GetMyHealthData campaign, sponsored by the National Partnership for Women and Families. According to a press release, several key industry stakeholders...

Patient Portal Adoption Still Slow Despite Proven Benefits

by Sara Heath

While repeated studies indicate that use of the patient portal improves chronic disease management, patient engagement, and overall health, adoption rates still lag. In an effort to understand that phenomenon, a research team led by Alexander...

Do Patient Engagement Programs Improve Addiction Treatment?

by Sara Heath

Interactive patient engagement programs focused on overall health education show promise for helping patients manage their addiction treatment, research from Kaiser Permanente Northern California shows. The study, published this month in JAMA...

How Health IT Helps Follow-Up Care, Chronic Disease Management

by Sara Heath

One of the biggest hurdles faced by the healthcare industry  is chronic disease management, and ensuring patients with persistent conditions like diabetes or obesity are properly cared for. The key to success, many experts say, is ensuring...

How Patient Portals Can Improve Advance Care Planning Talks

by Sara Heath

Using a patient-centered framework to input advance care planning (ACP) preferences into a patient portal may be the key to ensuring patient satisfaction at the end of life, research shows. In a study published in the American Journal of Managed...

What Consumer Characteristics Predict High Health Literacy?

by Sara Heath

Patients who manage chronic illnesses, have more experience with the healthcare industry, and higher education levels tend to have higher health literacy, says a recent article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Lead researcher Mary...

Why Most Patients at VCU Health Approve of the Patient Portal

by Sara Heath

While healthcare professionals often hear that patient portals are critical to boosting patient engagement and improving care quality, they may wonder if patients really value these tools.   According to Susan Wolver, MD, associate professor...

How Patient Portal Assessments Can Improve Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Patient portals may be an effective tool for facilitating patient engagement and subsequent patient wellness, but there are several adjustments technology developers can make to these tools to make them even more useful  for patient and...

How MedStar Health Balances Consumer and Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

A change is happening in healthcare. Providers no longer think of their patients as singular appointments and are implementing better patient engagement strategies that target effective, efficient, and consistent patient access to care. At MedStar...

Can Patient Portal Interventions Improve Flu Vaccination Rates?

by Sara Heath

Although the height of flu season is winding down, researchers are working on patient engagement strategies through patient portal interventions to promote flu vaccination going forward. In a recent article published in the Journal of Medical...

Patient Portal Benefits Extend Beyond Patients to Providers

by Sara Heath

Healthcare professionals regularly tout the patient-centered benefits of patient portal adoption, but for Cerner’s director and general manager of member engagement Zach Wood, portals are more of a mutually beneficial perk. In a recent...

Only 20% of Patients Use EHR Access to Make Medical Decisions

by Sara Heath

While sixty percent of patients have EHR access through the patient portal, very few actually use it to make medical decisions, states a new survey from HealthMine. The poll of 500 patients revealed that 55 percent only use their EHR access to...

Why Aren’t Patient Portals Used as Conversation Starters?

by Sara Heath

Most patients use patient portal summaries to get access to their health information, and not necessarily to engage with their physicians about their care, a recent study showed. While industry experts tout patient portals’ ability to start...

How Secure Direct Messaging Lowers Out-of-Pocket Patient Costs

by Sara Heath

Better communication through secure direct messaging may be the key to helping patients navigating an increasingly financially rigorous healthcare industry. Patients are facing the surge of high deductible health plans, incurring on them higher...

Mount Sinai Adopts OpenNotes to Expand Patient Data Access

by Sara Heath

The OpenNotes initiative, which allows greater patient data access, has expanded to Mount Sinai Health System, according to a public statement. Launching the program at their New York City-based Primary Care Associates of the Mount Sinai Doctors...

How Patient Portals Can Produce Revenue Cycle Benefits

by Sara Heath

In order to accrue financial benefits from implementing a patient portal, healthcare organizations must understand how their customers want to use the technology and why it’s important to keep the tool patient-centered. As risk-based payment...

Breaking Down the Role of Patient Engagement in Meaningful Use

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement is not just a new patient-centered care philosophy. For providers and hospitals participating in the EHR Incentive Programs, patient engagement is a critical part of receiving incentive payments. Between the different stages...


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