mHealth and Patient Engagement

How Does Patient Health Literacy Affect Digital Health Use?

by Sara Heath

Patients with high health literacy are more likely to use digital health tools than those with lower health literacy, finds a new study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The study of nearly 5,000 adult patients first tested...

Patient-Centered mHealth Design Drives Stronger Engagement

by Sara Heath

In order to develop and test a patient-centered mHealth tool, researchers should employ an iterative design process to allow stakeholders to assess usability, according to a study published in JMIR mHealth and uHealth. The study, led by Courtney...

mHealth Presents Opportunities for Improved Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement strategies may benefit from strong consumer interest in mHealth tools and growing opportunities for intelligent health management technologies.  According to a survey by communications firm Ketchum, the rise of mHealth...

Providers Poised to Adopt New Patient Engagement Strategies

by Sara Heath

A new wave of patient engagement strategies may be approaching now that digital communication tools have become more common, according to recent survey results published in the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst. The poll of more than  350...

How Telehealth, Convenient Care Improve Patient Experience

by Sara Heath

At Nemours Children’s Health System, improving the patient experience has always been about providing convenience and quality to pediatric patients and their families. That’s why the health system, which covers a large patient population...

How Text Messaging Can Transform Patient-Provider Communication

by Sara Heath

At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, patient-provider communication is a key part of driving patient engagement. Text messaging may be crucial to pushing that even further. Through a web of patient communications technologies, Cedars-Sinai employees...

The Latest mHealth Deals Driving Patient Engagement Efforts

by Sara Heath

mHealth is a growing phenomenon in the healthcare industry, perhaps because it serves patients where it is easiest for them. Because they are convenient, mHealth tools are well-suited for patient engagement strategies. Studies show that mHealth...

How Health IT Drives Pediatric Patient Engagement Strategies

by Sara Heath

Healthcare technology may be the key to improving patient engagement, but what happens when the patient is a child? Pediatric patient engagement strategies, while very important, are more complicated than strategies for adult patients. As a result,...

How Poor mHealth App Usability Limits Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

mHealth apps might not be all they’re chalked up to be, especially in the realm of patient engagement and chronic disease management. In a data brief published by the Commonwealth Fund, researchers explain how most mHealth apps have low...

3 Creative Patient Engagement Strategies Improving Patient Care

by Sara Heath

While patient portals and secure messaging systems often get positive reviews from the healthcare industry for their abilities to involve patients in their healthcare, new and innovative approaches are also helping to improve patient engagement....

Can Digital Communication, mHealth Boost Patient Satisfaction?

by Sara Heath

Although there is a high rate of patient satisfaction with primary care providers, there is still room for improvement with regard to digital communication and patient engagement technologies, one survey shows. The survey, conducted via Harris...

What are the Pros and Cons of Patient-Generated Health Data?

by Sara Heath

As the healthcare landscape changes shape, focusing more on patient-centered outcomes and more efficient use of services, it is important that providers engage the patient as a member of the care team and make joint treatment decisions.  ...

Can Cell Phone Patient Engagement Reduce Medication Non-Adherence?

by Sara Heath

Older, non-white patients of lower socioeconomic status may be harder to engage with in order to reduce medication non-adherence, according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA). Researchers...

Understanding Generational Differences in Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Just as each generation expresses its own unique preferences for fashion and music, patients express different preferences for patient engagement based on their age and life experiences. As healthcare reform efforts increase demand for improved...

Are Patients More Satisfied with mHealth Than Their Providers?

by Sara Heath

Between mHealth’s ability to connect patients and providers in disparate locations, track patient wellness, and monitor symptoms for chronic illness, mobile apps and devices  are disrupting the way patients stay connected to their...

3 Effective Patient Engagement Strategies Using mHealth Tools

by Sara Heath

If you think that health IT and mHealth are permeating all aspects of healthcare, including patient engagement, you’d be right. As the healthcare industry continues to enter into the technological world, providers are discovering new strategies...

Few mHealth Apps Effective in Promoting Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

When it comes to patient engagement, not all mHealth apps are created equal. In a data brief out of the Commonwealth Fund, a research team led by Karandeep Singh and David Bates, MD, discusses various different mHealth apps aimed toward increasing...


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