Patient Centered Care

How Consumers and Providers See Patient Engagement Differently

by Sara Heath

When it comes to patient engagement, self-care, and other healthcare responsibilities, patients and providers may not be on the same page. A new survey conducted on behalf of Xerox indicates significant differences and interesting contrasts in...

HHS Proposes Patient Satisfaction Changes for Pain Management

by Sara Heath

The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has proposed revisions to the HCAHPS survey, changing the way in which providers measure patient satisfaction with pain management. According to an HHS press release, the agency has proposed...

MACRA an “Encouraging First Step” for Patient-Centered Care

by Sara Heath

MACRA will bring the healthcare system one step closer to patient-centered, value-based healthcare, says the National Partnership for Women & Families, according to a recent press release. In a comments letter sent to the Centers for Medicare...

Proposed House Bill Supports Advance Care Planning Counseling

by Sara Heath

A new House bill, introduced earlier this week, will work to improve patient satisfaction with end-of-life care through better federal support for advance care planning, a press release says. The Personalize Your Care Act of 2016, sponsored by...

Do Patient Engagement Programs Improve Addiction Treatment?

by Sara Heath

Interactive patient engagement programs focused on overall health education show promise for helping patients manage their addiction treatment, research from Kaiser Permanente Northern California shows. The study, published this month in JAMA...

Patient Engagement, Quality “Too Important to Leave to Luck”

by Sara Heath

To create an industry filled with robust patient engagement that builds to quality healthcare, leaders will need to focus on care coordination and integrating the patient into the care team. How to develop that engagement was the hot topic at...

How Does Physician Behavior Affect Patient Decision-Making?

by Sara Heath

Doctors need to determine a way by which they can incorporate goal-setting conversations into primary care as a way to boost shared patient decision-making, shows a study recently published in the Annals of Family Medicine. The study took two...

How MedStar Health Balances Consumer and Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

A change is happening in healthcare. Providers no longer think of their patients as singular appointments and are implementing better patient engagement strategies that target effective, efficient, and consistent patient access to care. At MedStar...

Patient Engagement, Education Lacking in Cancer Care Plans

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement and patient education are severely lacking in cancer care, often leaving patients emotionally and physically distressed, says CancerCare’s 2016 Patient Access and Engagement Report. The report includes a series of six...

HHS Contest to Support Patient-Centered Medical Billing

by Sara Heath

The medical billing process must become more intuitive in order to boost patient-centered care, says the Department of Health and Human Services. For those reasons, the agency has announced a competition calling on various thinkers in the healthcare...

Including Family Caregivers in Patient Engagement Strategies

by Sara Heath

Seldom do patients approach their healthcare alone, but rather seek support from a network of caregivers, family, and friends. As such, providers need to understand how these individuals fit into patient engagement strategies. Below,

Patient Satisfaction Becomes Critical Concern for Hospitals

by Sara Heath

Patient satisfaction is ranked as a top issue at healthcare organizations, according to Vocera’s Rise of the Healthcare Chief Experience Officer: 2016 report. The report, which details the growth of patient experience and satisfaction in...

How Do Health Leaders View MACRA’s Patient Engagement Efforts?

by Sara Heath

Industry stakeholders and proponents for patient empowerment must comment on the MACRA provisions for patient engagement, says one healthcare expert. In an op-ed recently featured on the website for the Society for Participatory Medicine, president...

How MACRA, MIPS will Help Deliver Patient-Centered Care

by Sara Heath

CMS has announced its proposed rule for implementing the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which centrally focus on delivering patient-centered care. According to an April...

Why Patient-Centered Care Coordination Must Start with PCPs

by Sara Heath

As value-based reimbursement makes patient-centered care coordination a serious financial advantage, primary care providers must take on a greater role in patient management and preventative care delivery.   Becoming a centralized hub for...

Pharmaceutical Groups Target Patient-Centered Services

by Sara Heath

Pharmaceutical companies are boosting their investments in patient-centered services, with 85 percent of patient services executives reporting a boost in capital investment over the next 18 months, says a recent Accenture survey. The survey,...

3 Patient-Centered Steps to Reduce Medication Non-Adherence

by Sara Heath

Medication non-adherence is a significant population health issue, with a price tag totaling millions of dollars per year in avoidable costs. When confronting the issue, healthcare professionals don’t just face the challenges of creating...


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