Patient Engagement Technologies

3 Creative Patient Engagement Strategies Improving Patient Care

by Sara Heath

While patient portals and secure messaging systems often get positive reviews from the healthcare industry for their abilities to involve patients in their healthcare, new and innovative approaches are also helping to improve patient engagement....

Which Patient Portal Features Deliver the Best Care Outcomes?

by Sara Heath

If it seemed as though the healthcare industry is continuously touting the benefits of patient portal use on overall health and wellness, you wouldn’t be wrong. Study after study suggests that patients who use the portal are more engaged...

Patient Portal Adoption Still Slow Despite Proven Benefits

by Sara Heath

While repeated studies indicate that use of the patient portal improves chronic disease management, patient engagement, and overall health, adoption rates still lag. In an effort to understand that phenomenon, a research team led by Alexander...

Patient Advocates Praise Patient-Centered Efforts in MACRA

by Sara Heath

The proposed MACRA rule is “on the right track” toward fostering better patient-centered uses for health IT, according to the National Partnership for Women & Families and the Consumer Partnership for eHealth (CPeH). CPeH, which...

Can Digital Communication, mHealth Boost Patient Satisfaction?

by Sara Heath

Although there is a high rate of patient satisfaction with primary care providers, there is still room for improvement with regard to digital communication and patient engagement technologies, one survey shows. The survey, conducted via Harris...

How Health IT Helps Follow-Up Care, Chronic Disease Management

by Sara Heath

One of the biggest hurdles faced by the healthcare industry  is chronic disease management, and ensuring patients with persistent conditions like diabetes or obesity are properly cared for. The key to success, many experts say, is ensuring...

OpenNotes, AMDIS Deal Fosters Patient Access to Health Data

by Sara Heath

OpenNotes has forged a new partnership with the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems (AMDIS) to help improve the transparency of physician notes within patient-facing technologies, and to boost patient access to health data....

How Patient Portals Can Improve Advance Care Planning Talks

by Sara Heath

Using a patient-centered framework to input advance care planning (ACP) preferences into a patient portal may be the key to ensuring patient satisfaction at the end of life, research shows. In a study published in the American Journal of Managed...

What Consumer Characteristics Predict High Health Literacy?

by Sara Heath

Patients who manage chronic illnesses, have more experience with the healthcare industry, and higher education levels tend to have higher health literacy, says a recent article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Lead researcher Mary...

Why Most Patients at VCU Health Approve of the Patient Portal

by Sara Heath

While healthcare professionals often hear that patient portals are critical to boosting patient engagement and improving care quality, they may wonder if patients really value these tools.   According to Susan Wolver, MD, associate professor...

Do Online Patient Education Tools Improve Senior Healthcare?

by Sara Heath

Online patient education tools are important platforms to help enhance senior health and patient education, shows a new study published in JMIR Human Factors. According to the research team, led by Anthony J. Levinson, MSc, MD, FRCPC, many of...

Patient Portal Benefits Extend Beyond Patients to Providers

by Sara Heath

Healthcare professionals regularly tout the patient-centered benefits of patient portal adoption, but for Cerner’s director and general manager of member engagement Zach Wood, portals are more of a mutually beneficial perk. In a recent...

How Health IT Improves Hospital Patient Satisfaction Scores

by Sara Heath

Western Reserve Hospital used to be one of the many healthcare organizations struggling with heavy emergency department patient volume and a disjointed clinical workflow, all resulting in a lagging patient satisfaction score. All that improved,...

Only 20% of Patients Use EHR Access to Make Medical Decisions

by Sara Heath

While sixty percent of patients have EHR access through the patient portal, very few actually use it to make medical decisions, states a new survey from HealthMine. The poll of 500 patients revealed that 55 percent only use their EHR access to...

Why Aren’t Patient Portals Used as Conversation Starters?

by Sara Heath

Most patients use patient portal summaries to get access to their health information, and not necessarily to engage with their physicians about their care, a recent study showed. While industry experts tout patient portals’ ability to start...

Strategies for Integrating EHR Use into Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

The rise of EHR use and health technology has posed some challenges in boosting patient engagement and patient-centered care, but providers are increasingly rising to these challenges and developing strategies to overcome them. In a recent study...

Pharmaceutical Groups Target Patient-Centered Services

by Sara Heath

Pharmaceutical companies are boosting their investments in patient-centered services, with 85 percent of patient services executives reporting a boost in capital investment over the next 18 months, says a recent Accenture survey. The survey,...

Health IT, Internet of Things Devices Boost Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement and the devices, tools, and communications systems that support it have become some of the most important concepts in the healthcare space. By carefully implementing and directing the use of patient portals, medical devices,...


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