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Can Cell Phone Patient Engagement Reduce Medication Non-Adherence?


Older, non-white patients of lower socioeconomic status may be harder to engage with in order to reduce medication non-adherence, according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA). Researchers...

Are Patients More Satisfied with mHealth Than Their Providers?


Between mHealth’s ability to connect patients and providers in disparate locations, track patient wellness, and monitor symptoms for chronic illness, mobile apps and devices  are disrupting the way patients stay connected to their...

3 Patient-Centered Steps to Reduce Medication Non-Adherence


Medication non-adherence is a significant population health issue, with a price tag totaling millions of dollars per year in avoidable costs. When confronting the issue, healthcare professionals don’t just face the challenges of creating...

Retail Clinic, Telehealth Visits Increase by 10% Since 2013


Retail clinics and telehealth might be the new path toward patient engagement and patient satisfaction, a recent Oliver Wyman survey reveals. The survey, which questioned a total of 2,000 patients, found that alternative care methods, like retail...

3 Effective Patient Engagement Strategies Using mHealth Tools


If you think that health IT and mHealth are permeating all aspects of healthcare, including patient engagement, you’d be right. As the healthcare industry continues to enter into the technological world, providers are discovering new strategies...

How Better Patient Engagement Can Drive Accountable Care


When it comes to providing quality accountable care, healthcare organizations need to go beyond the traditional scope of the patient-provider relationship and work to boost patient engagement. According to Mark Wagar, President of Heritage Medical Systems,...

Health IT, Internet of Things Devices Boost Patient Engagement


Patient engagement and the devices, tools, and communications systems that support it have become some of the most important concepts in the healthcare space. By carefully implementing and directing the use of patient portals, medical devices,...

HIMSS 2016 Developments Boosting Patient Engagement, Satisfaction


When the health IT industry collided last week at the HIMSS 2016 Conference, patient engagement was a notable theme for many healthcare professionals and technology developers. Between advocating for new technologies that claim to boost patient...

Over Half of Health Pros Use Patient Engagement Technology


More healthcare professionals are adopting connected health technology to help advance patient engagement efforts, according to HIMSS. In the 2016 HIMSS Connected Health Survey, the organization showed that 52 percent of the 227 IT professionals...

Few mHealth Apps Effective in Promoting Patient Engagement


When it comes to patient engagement, not all mHealth apps are created equal. In a data brief out of the Commonwealth Fund, a research team led by Karandeep Singh and David Bates, MD, discusses various different mHealth apps aimed toward increasing...

Seniors Turn to mHealth, Health IT to Enhance Patient Engagement


Patients aged 65 and older want to be more involved and empowered in their own healthcare, a recent Welltok survey shows. The Senior Health and Technology Survey, which was conducted via Harris Poll last September, shows that most older adults...

Online Patient Engagement Tools Improve Chronic Disease Management


Online patient engagement tools such as patient portals play a significant role in increasing patient engagement in chronic disease management and preventative care, according to researchers from Kaiser Permanente of Southern California....

Does Patient Engagement Drive Accountable Care, ACO Success?


As the healthcare industry shifts payment models from volume to value, innovative care approaches such as accountable care organizations (ACOs), care coordination, and patient engagement continue to gain popularity. Alternative payment models...

How Telemedicine Brings New Meaning to Patient Engagement


Telemedicine, one of the healthcare industry’s most creative and innovative technological advances, has introduced an entirely new layer to patient engagement. By providing healthcare via video conference on a smartphone or a computer,...

Driving Follow-Up Care, Patient Engagement with Health IT


Increasing patient engagement strategies in follow-up care is critical in maintaining the health of patients beyond the scope of care within the hospital. Improving follow-up care, and ensuring that the patient is engaged with that care, has...

Using mHealth, Remote Monitoring to Boost Patient Engagement


Mobile health devices are steadily showing themselves as an emerging method of increasing patient engagement, and due to their popularity amongst users, may be the next big thing in the healthcare industry. In fact, recent research shows that...

Patient Engagement Initiatives that Aid Population Health Management


From different government programs such as accountable care organizations (ACOs) to the EHR meaningful use programs, population health management through patient engagement has become a significant healthcare initiative. As the healthcare industry...


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