Patient Satisfaction News

Patient Engagement Interventions Boost Shared Decision-Making


Interventions targeting patient and provider behaviors are notably effective in improving provider communication and shared decision-making, says a recent study published in Health Affairs. The study, conducted by a research team led by Ming...

Facilitating Patient Participation in Precision Medicine


The use of patient health data for research purposes is gaining traction in the healthcare industry through the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). However, as healthcare professionals continue to value shared-decision making and patient engagement...

How Hospital Environments Affect Patient Satisfaction Levels


Hospitals should take a three-pronged approach to improve patient satisfaction and patient experience, according to the American Hospital Association (AHA). In a new publication, Improving the Patient Experience through the Healthcare Physical...

Can Online Collaborative Chats Foster Patient Engagement?


A space where physicians, patients, and caregivers can all communicate personally might be the next big thing in patient engagement and care coordination. While this approach sounds a whole lot like what can happen in a doctor’s office,...

Understanding Generational Differences in Patient Engagement


Just as each generation expresses its own unique preferences for fashion and music, patients express different preferences for patient engagement based on their age and life experiences. As healthcare reform efforts increase demand for improved...

How Does Physician EHR Use Affect Patient Satisfaction Levels?


Healthcare professionals may see various clinical benefits to EHR use, but how does this technology affect patient satisfaction? Research shows that EHRs present a challenge in boosting patient satisfaction, requiring providers to focus on their...

4 Best Practices for Improving Patient-Provider Communication


The patient-provider relationship is the cornerstone of patient engagement. When a provider communicates well with her patient, it can help to make the patient feel like a valued member of the care team, thus improving patient satisfaction. Patient-provider...

3 Ways Social Media in Healthcare can Improve Patient Engagement


Communication between patients and providers is a pillar of good patient engagement strategy, and social media is presenting new opportunities to promote that. As a solid Twitter bio or Facebook presence starts to be the standard mode of connectivity...

To Boost Patient Satisfaction, Try a Little Provider Empathy


If you’re looking to improve your patient satisfaction levels, physician empathy is key. In a recent study out of Massachusetts General Hospital department of orthopedic surgery, a research team led by David Ring, MD, PhD, found that patients...

Patients Don’t Feel Patient Engagement Efforts, Survey Shows


Patient engagement is seeing improvements in practice, according to CDW Healthcare’s Patient Engagement Perspectives study, although patients don’t necessarily feel the same. The study, which explored the different perspectives patients...

CMS Introduces Home Health Patient Satisfaction Star Ratings


Home healthcare facilities are now being rated on patient satisfaction and patient engagement scales. Late last week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) posted its star rating system for home healthcare on its survey. These...

3 Best Practices for Boosting Patient Satisfaction


Patient satisfaction and positive patient experience are naturally closely tied to patient engagement. When a patient walks out the office door at the end of her visit, she undoubtedly remembers the way the physician spoke with her and his level...


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