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8.8 Million Patients Opt In to NY Health Information Exchange

The influx of patient opt in signals a shift to both patient empowerment and patient-centered coordinated care.

By Sara Heath

The Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY) now has 8.8 million patients opting into its health information exchange.


According to a public statement, approximately 62,000 provider users and millions of patients are now taking part in the statewide patient record look-up (sPLR), which allows providers to access patient data across the exchange.  The HIE warehouses 40 million patient records and processes more than 2.8 million transactions per month.

This opt-in approach shows higher levels of patient engagement, which patients taking the initiative to facilitate better health data exchange between themselves and their providers. With all stakeholders obtaining access to patient data, provider can more easily coordinate care and support positive patient outcomes.

According to New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, MD, this shows an improvement in trust amongst patients, providers, and interoperable health exchanges.

“The SHIN-NY allows New York State healthcare providers to access important healthcare information to achieve better coordination of care of patients across New York State,” Zucker said.

“We are quickly approaching the moment when patients can be confident that health records from one provider can be viewed by another provider without having to transfer physical copies or faxing of documents.”


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