Mobile-First Communication: The Next Generation of Patient Engagement

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In today’s world, the communication landscape has evolved. Less and less people are using emails and/or phone to communicate, while an increasing number of people are switching to text as their primary communication channel. There are many other patient-provider platforms, however patient portals have a low engagement rate of 25%, emails have a response rate of 6%, and healthcare apps are slowly outgrowing demand. If engaging your patients is the key to accomplishing your clinical goals -- increasing patient loyalty, driving revenue, and boosting MIPS scores -- the method you choose to engage them in should be easy for them to understand and adopt. Texting is smarter and more engaging. It has also been shown to be effective amongst all demographics and age groups. Mobile-first communication is becoming an increasingly important step in stronger patient-provider relationships and has the ability to keep patients engaged throughout their entire care journey.

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