Direct Secure Messaging

Top Tips for Successful Patient Portal Secure Messaging

September 19, 2017 - Secure messaging via the patient portal has presented a new frontier for patient-provider communication. What was previously discussed via telephone calls or during in-person follow-up appointments can now be done digitally, helping to streamline the interaction. Regulatory requirements have spurred the widespread adoption of patient portal secure messaging. In 2015, 63 percent of...

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Can Patient Portals Streamline Patient-Provider Communication?

by Sara Heath

Secure messaging functions offered over the patient portal may not help reduce patient telephone calls and provider workloads, according to a study in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. Researchers investigated the...

Which Patient Portal Features Deliver the Best Care Outcomes?

by Sara Heath

If it seemed as though the healthcare industry is continuously touting the benefits of patient portal use on overall health and wellness, you wouldn’t be wrong. Study after study suggests that patients who use the portal are more...

How Secure Direct Messaging Lowers Out-of-Pocket Patient Costs

by Sara Heath

Better communication through secure direct messaging may be the key to helping patients navigating an increasingly financially rigorous healthcare industry. Patients are facing the surge of high deductible health plans, incurring on them...


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