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FDA Updates Expanded Access Program to Boost Patient Experiences

November 12, 2018 - The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is making updates to its expanded access (EA) program to improve patient experiences in the program and streamline administrative hurdles. The FDA’s expanded access program is intended for patients with a serious illness who cannot access a drug through a clinical trial. Through an application process, a patient can access experimental...

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Record Copying Fees, Admin Hurdles Harm Patient Data Access

by Sara Heath

As a part of their calls for overall better patient engagement, healthcare industry professionals say medical practices need to offer easy and streamlined patient data access. HIPAA protocol has made it so practice administrators need to...

10M Patients Access Electronic Health Data through OpenNotes

by Sara Heath

Ten million patients are seeing their provider’s notes through OpenNotes, granting them greater access to their electronic health data and driving greater patient empowerment. According to a public statement, the OpenNotes...

RelayHealth Signs $140M Military Health Patient Portal Deal

by Sara Heath

McKesson Technologies, Inc., and the Military Health System have signed a $140 million contract to implement  the company’s patient portal, RelayHealth, according to a public statement by the Department of Defense. The patient...

Patient, Provider Opinions Diverge on Patient Health Data Access

by Sara Heath

Patients are overwhelmingly in favor of full patient health data access via EHRs and patient portals, according to a recent Accenture survey, but providers don’t exactly feel the same way. The survey found that 92 percent of...


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