Breaking Down HHS Drug Advertisement, Price Transparency Proposal

October 18, 2018 - A storm is brewing between the Department of Health & Human Services and the pharmaceutical industry, as experts on both sides debate drug advertisements and requirements for consumer-centered price transparency. Causing the debate is a newly proposed rule that would require all pharmaceutical companies advertising drugs paid for by Medicare or Medicaid to list the wholesale...

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HHS Hosts Summit on Patient Engagement Technology, Care Management

by Sara Heath

The Department of Health & Human Services is focusing on patient engagement technology and mHealth tools to improve chronic care management, the agency announced during a Patient-Empowering Technologies (PETS) summit held earlier this...

HHS Awards $125M to Support Community Health Centers, Patient Care

by Sara Heath

The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has awarded $125 million in grant funding to community health centers in an effort to improve patient access to care in high-risk and high-needs areas. These awards come as a part of the...

AMA: Title X Rule Harms Patient-Provider Relationship, Care Access

by Sara Heath

Proposed changes to the Title X Family Planning program could harm the patient-provider relationship by introducing government interference into the exam room, according to the American Medical Association. Specifically, the proposed...

HHS Final Rule Expands Patient Access to Short-Term Health Plans

by Sara Heath

The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has issued a final rule expanding short-term health plans that will improve patient access to healthcare coverage, according to the agency. The final rule allows for the sale of...

Patient Groups Advocate Patient Access to Care in Drug Blueprint

by Sara Heath

The Department of Health & Human Services’ drug pricing blueprint presents numerous opportunities to lower drug prices, but the agency should be wary of changes that would restrict patient access to care, the American Cancer...

Patient Advocates Call for Drug Price Transparency in HHS Blueprint

by Sara Heath

The Department of Health & Human Services’ plans to reduce out-of-pocket patient costs and address rising drug costs is on the right track, but requires some fixes to better guide patients when purchasing their medications,...

Trump Calls for Drug Price Transparency to Lower Patient Health Costs

by Sara Heath

Drug price transparency and reducing out-of-pocket patient costs were at the forefront of President Donald Trump’s remarks on drug pricing today. “One of my greatest priorities is to reduce the price of prescription drugs. In...

Doc Education Data Key for Clinician Shortage, Patient Care Access

by Sara Heath

HHS needs more information about graduate medical education (GME) to better assess GME enrollment, the national clinician shortage, and patient care access, according to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office...

HHS Lacks Measures for Patient Treatment Access for Opioid Misuse

by Sara Heath

As a part of its efforts to combat the opioid epidemic, HHS has worked to expand patient access to treatment for opioid misuse. However, the agency has not adopted adequate measures to assess the success of medication-assisted treatment...

APRN Students Improve Doc Shortage, Patient Healthcare Access

by Sara Heath

The Graduate Nurses Education (GNE) demonstration project funded by CMS helped increase the number of enrolled and graduated advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) students, according to a recent HHS report. This will ideally help close...

GAO Comments on HHS Efforts to Drive Patient Portal Use

by Sara Heath

HHS should re-evaluate its campaigns to drive patient portal use and access to health data, said a Government Accountability Office (GAO) representative in the agency’s Watchdog Report blog late last week. The blog post featured GAO...

Senators Urge Sec. Price to Improve Rural Patient Care Access

by Sara Heath

On the tails of HHS Secretary Tom Price’s confirmation, a group of senators have sent him a letter urging him to advocate for better patient care access in rural areas. The group of 41 senators, led by Roger Wicker (R-Miss), Jon...

HHS Reviews Patient Data Access for National Health IT Week

by Sara Heath

HHS is helping patients celebrate National Health IT Week by providing education about their patient data access rights. In a patient-facing video, HHS illustrates the importance of accessing health data and reviews the agency’s...


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