Managing Online Patient Reviews to Drive Patient Satisfaction

June 27, 2017 - Online patient reviews are a significant concern for healthcare organizations. Online review websites are on the rise and are arguably a key measure of patient satisfaction, giving patients ample opportunity to provide feedback to the clinics and hospitals they visit. While some doctors and industry experts may take online patient reviews with a grain of salt, research suggests that patients...

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Simplifying Patient Safety Grades for Patient Decision-Making

by Sara Heath

Hospital safety grade and patient experience reports are emerging as effective tools to aid patient decision-making about where to receive care. These tools need to be simple, succinct, and usable for the layman because they are patient-facing....

Using Tech to Drive Patient Medication Education, Adherence

by Sara Heath

A noncompliant patient is not always the root of medication non-adherence. Instead, lacking patient medication education can keep patients from understanding their medications, causing adherence errors along the way. What is the medication dose?...

Does Hospital Environment, Culture Affect Family Engagement?

by Sara Heath

Considerations about the hospital environment are an oft-forgotten variable factoring into a positive patient experience and meaningful patient and family engagement. After all, shouldn’t hospitals prioritize quality of care over how “pretty”...

Facing Negative Patient Feedback Head-On Key for Success

by Sara Heath

Healthcare organizations are increasingly consulting patient feedback surveys and online reviews as a means to assess patient satisfaction with the care experience. In-office survey platforms that collect patient satisfaction data at the point...

New Tool Assesses Teen Patient Health Literacy in 30 Seconds

by Sara Heath

Pediatric clinicians can now assess adolescent patient health literacy in under 30 seconds using a new tool developed by researchers from the University at Albany. Created by Jennifer Manganello, PhD, MPH, the tool addresses a knowledge gap about...

Using Patient-Centeredness to Drive Practice Improvements

by Sara Heath

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to supporting patient-centeredness. Between appointment scheduling and healthcare access, organizations must ensure processes are simple for all patients, including those who are generally healthy...

Lifelong Healthcare Planning Must Trump Advance Care Planning

by Sara Heath

Medicare began reimbursing clinicians in January 2016 for delivering advance care planning services that identified patient end-of-life healthcare needs and preferences. Reimbursement rates reached as high as $86 per half hour session, highlighting...

Using Shared Decision-Making to Spark Quality Patient Care

by Sara Heath

Shared decision-making in healthcare is an effective strategy for incorporating patient preferences into treatment plans. Taking the time to educate patients about their conditions and treatment options, and then prompting them to contextualize...

PCORI Works to Drive Patient-Centered Health Research Design

by Sara Heath

Although health research is key to driving medical advancements, it’s not always accessible or relevant to patients who need this information to make better care decisions. At the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, a call for...

Seamless Appointment Scheduling Fuels Patient Satisfaction

by Sara Heath

In the age of patient-centered care and strong patient care priorities, healthcare organizations must focus on creating a seamless and satisfying experience for patients. A positive patient experience starts with the appointment scheduling process,...

How Hospital Administration Tech Drives Patient Satisfaction

by Sara Heath

In an increasingly value-based healthcare industry, more healthcare organizations are seeing reimbursements tied to quality measures, such as patient satisfaction and experience. But making sure patient satisfaction data yields positive reimbursements...

How Healthcare Orgs Can Drive Family Engagement in Patient Care

by Sara Heath

When patients are admitted to the hospital or diagnosed with a potentially life-changing illness, they are hardly ever alone. More often than not, patients have a network of family and friends behind them, and providers need to practice strong...

Retail Consumer Experience Key in Consumer-Driven Healthcare

by Sara Heath

Just like retail industries have to cater to shoppers’ needs, healthcare organizations must focus on patient experience in order to thrive in an increasingly consumer-driven landscape. Increasingly, out-of-pocket patient costs are rising...


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