Medicare Advantage

Patient-Centered Care Coordination Key for MA Telehealth Plans

January 9, 2019 - Although telehealth shows promise for driving more convenient patient care access, supporting that technology with effective care coordination and continuity will be essential to a quality patient experience, according to a recent comments letter from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). AAFP wrote to comment on the 2020 Medicare Advantage and Part D Flexibility proposed...

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CMS Drug Price Proposal Aims to Cut Out-of-Pocket Patient Spending

by Sara Heath

CMS has proposed a new drug price model for Medicare Parts C and D that will ideally reduce out-of-pocket patient spending. The policies, which if approved would go into effect in 2020, would impact Medicare Advantage and Medicare Parts C...

Medicare Advantage Propose to Expand Patient Access to Telehealth

by Sara Heath

CMS has announced plans to modernize Medicare Advantage and Part D plans. Updates will expand patient access to care by adding telehealth as a covered benefit. The agency says it will update the way it reimburses providers to make it...

CMS Releases Quality Star Ratings for Medicare Plan Patient Access

by Sara Heath

CMS has released the quality star ratings for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, according to a public statement. This move comes ahead of the open enrollment session and as a part of the agency’s efforts...

Revamping Patient-Reported Outcomes for Medicare Advantage Plans

by Sara Heath

Using patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data could be a better measure for risk adjustment payments for Medicare Advantage plans, but better strategies for collecting PRO data must first be developed, according to a recent report from the...

Retail Chain Deals to Improve Patient Care Access, Care Coordination

by Sara Heath

A new partnership between healthcare payer Anthem and Walmart will improve patient care and more affordable access to over-the-counter (OTC) medications. The program, set to launch in January 2019, will allow beneficiaries of...

Patients Unclear About Access to Telehealth Under their Health Plans

by Sara Heath

Nearly half of Medicare Advantage patients are unsure of whether their health plans cover access to telehealth or virtual care services, according to recent HealthMine data. The survey of just under 800 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries...

CMS Allows Medicare Advantage Plans to Adopt Step Therapy

by Sara Heath

CMS has given new authority to Medicare Advantage plans that allows those plans to negotiate lower drug prices. These new policies will specifically allow Medicare Advantage Plans to practice step therapy, which CMS says will create cost...

One in Five Patients Use CMS Star Ratings for Healthcare Decisions

by Sara Heath

Only about one-fifth of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are familiar with the CMS star ratings that rank payer coverage, according to a recent HealthMine survey. This finding runs counter to the agency’s intentions for the star...

AHA Calls for Personalized Care Access in Medicare Advantage

by Sara Heath

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans need to include more personalized care access options to meet patient needs, said the American Hospital Association in a recent letter to the House of Representatives. AHA submitted its letter to the House...


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