mHealth and Patient Engagement

Are Patients More Satisfied with mHealth Than Their Providers?

by Sara Heath

Between mHealth’s ability to connect patients and providers in disparate locations, track patient wellness, and monitor symptoms for chronic illness, mobile apps and devices  are disrupting the way patients stay connected to...

3 Effective Patient Engagement Strategies Using mHealth Tools

by Sara Heath

If you think that health IT and mHealth are permeating all aspects of healthcare, including patient engagement, you’d be right. As the healthcare industry continues to enter into the technological world, providers are discovering...

Few mHealth Apps Effective in Promoting Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

When it comes to patient engagement, not all mHealth apps are created equal. In a data brief out of the Commonwealth Fund, a research team led by Karandeep Singh and David Bates, MD, discusses various different mHealth apps aimed toward...


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