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Utilizing Online Provider Reviews to Assess Patient Satisfaction

January 28, 2019 - Online provider reviews and patient satisfaction surveying are not new concepts in healthcare. With consumer-centric care a stalwart in the industry, organizations are using these tools to better understand how to serve their patient populations. But organizations are still hitting roadblocks with these patient satisfaction surveys and reviews. Providers aren’t always on board...

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Can Yelp Online Patient Reviews Inform Practice Improvements?

by Sara Heath

When it comes to acute care needs, not all care sites are viewed equally, according to new data from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Urgent care centers and emergency departments (EDs) both yield patient...

How Do Healthcare Pros Feel About Online Provider Reviews?

by Sara Heath

In an increasingly consumer-centric healthcare landscape, online provider reviews have become an important gauge to understand patient satisfaction with the healthcare experience. But as more reviews continue to crop up on non-healthcare...

Strong Online Presence Fuels Patient Retention, Patient Satisfaction

by Sara Heath

A strong online presence is becoming increasingly important for a quality patient experience and sparks patient retention and consumer loyalty, as 80 percent of patients use the internet to make decisions about their care, according to a...

How Do Patients Use Online Provider Reviews for Care Decisions?

by Sara Heath

Online provider reviews are playing an important role in patient decisions about care access, according to a recent survey from Software Advice. These reviews, usually found on websites such as Yelp or Healthgrades, are a well-known...

Negative Online Reviews Don’t Equate to Low Patient Satisfaction

by Sara Heath

Doctors with negative online reviews don’t usually perform poorly on comprehensive patient satisfaction surveys, highlighting a disparity between online physician review websites and traditional patient experience measures, according...


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