Patient Portal Adoption

4 Steps to Successful Patient Portal Adoption, Integration

June 6, 2017 - Between regulatory requirements and calls for stronger patient-centered care, patient portal adoption has become an integral part of a healthcare organization’s health technology suite. Patient portals are an important regulatory requirement, with both meaningful use and MACRA’s Quality Payment Program calling for the tools in their final rules going into 2017. Beyond the regulatory...

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Digital Patient Engagement Measures Aid Clinician Improvement

by Sara Heath

A Boston-based research team has developed a viable set of digital patient engagement measures to determine how well patient portals and health IT activate patients in their care, according to a report in the Journal of Medical Internet Research....

Limited Adoption Limits Patient Portal Decision Aid Efficacy

by Sara Heath

Patient portals and other health IT can effectively host decision aids for patients, if only they and their clinicians adopt the tools, according to a study published in the Annals of Family Medicine. Having adequate patient decision-making tools...

Patient Portal Benefits in Pediatric Care Must Fuel Parent Use

by Sara Heath

The perceived effectiveness of patient portals in driving parent caregiver engagement in pediatrics is currently limited, presenting more opportunities for healthcare organizations to refine and streamline their patient portal adoption strategies,...

Targeted Approach Key for Older Adult Patient Portal Adoption

by Sara Heath

Healthcare organizations need patient portal adoption campaigns tailored to older patients to create a more robust portal buy-in, according to research published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. This is necessary regardless of a patient’s...

Stakeholder Collaboration Can Boost Patient Portal Enrollment

by Sara Heath

When assessing the potential barriers to patient portal enrollment, healthcare organizations should consult with all stakeholders, including practice leadership, providers, and patients, according to recent research published in the Journal of...

3 Tips to Help Providers Boost Patient Portal Adoption Rates

by Sara Heath

As healthcare providers grapple with federal, patient-centered policy requirements and a call to improve patient engagement, the emphasis on patient portal adoption has grown. Between requirements in Stage 3 Meaningful Use and the Merit-based...

Are Mobile Patient Portals the Next Step in Patient Engagement?

by Sara Heath

Patient portals are often viewed as critical tools to improve patient engagement, but not every consumer is able to access their health data from a home computer. According to some healthcare professionals, offering a mobile patient portal is...

Can Strong Patient Outreach Drive Patient Portal Enrollment?

by Sara Heath

Specialized patient outreach coordinators may be helpful in boosting pediatric patient portal enrollment, patient satisfaction, and communication, according to research presented at the 2016 AHIMA Conference. The study is based off of a 2012...

Patient Portal, PHR Adoption Varies Along Socioeconomic Lines

by Sara Heath

Patient portal and personal health record (PHR) adoption is steadily increasing, although there may be differences in which demographic groups are adopting the tools the most. According to a study published in the American Journal of Managed...

Patient Portal Adoption Still Slow Despite Proven Benefits

by Sara Heath

While repeated studies indicate that use of the patient portal improves chronic disease management, patient engagement, and overall health, adoption rates still lag. In an effort to understand that phenomenon, a research team led by Alexander...

ONC Tools Review Patient Health Data Access under HIPAA Rule

by Sara Heath

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has released a series of patient-facing videos detailing patient health data access rights and regulations under HIPAA, says an ONC blog post. Patient access to health...

What Keeps Providers from Using Patient-Generated Health Data?

by Sara Heath

Patient-generated health data may have several reported patient engagement and empowerment benefits, but lingering issues may prohibit providers from actually using patients’ data. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical...

Do Patients Actually Find Access to Physician Notes Useful?

by Sara Heath

Healthcare professionals regularly discuss the benefits of patient access to physician notes, stating that the transparency it provides is beneficial to improving patient engagement and patient-provider communication. However, as the healthcare...

Patient Portal Adoption Rates Hinge on Age, Ethnicity

by Sara Heath

When it comes to patient portal adoption rates, age and ethnicity seem to make a difference. In a recent study out of Kaiser Permanente Northern California, researchers Nancy P. Gordon, ScD, and Mark C Hornbrook, ScD, found that older patients...

Patient Portal Adoption Rates Hinge on Provider Viewpoints

by Sara Heath

Healthcare providers practicing in low-income rural settings are facing trouble establishing patient portal use, which may be due in part to their attitudes towards the technology and how open their patients are to engaging with the tools. A...


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