Patient Portals and HIPAA

AHIMA Reviews the Basics of HIPAA Compliant Patient Data Access

March 1, 2017 - The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has posted a slideshow and report guiding patients through the proper process of  obtaining their medical records from their providers and navigating HIPAA privacy regulations. Per HIPAA, patients may ask to view and obtain a copy of their health records, receive records in paper or electronic copies, and have records sent...

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HHS Reviews Patient Data Access for National Health IT Week

by Sara Heath

HHS is helping patients celebrate National Health IT Week by providing education about their patient data access rights. In a patient-facing video, HHS illustrates the importance of accessing health data and reviews the agency’s actions...

Top 3 Challenges Limiting Patient Access to Health Data

by Sara Heath

Patient access to health data is an important component of patient engagement because it empowers patients with knowledge about their conditions and incorporates the patient as a partner in care. Access to health data isn’t only good for...

ONC Tools Review Patient Health Data Access under HIPAA Rule

by Sara Heath

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has released a series of patient-facing videos detailing patient health data access rights and regulations under HIPAA, says an ONC blog post. Patient access to health...

Reviewing Patient Access to Health Data Under HIPAA Privacy Rule

by Sara Heath

While the healthcare industry is surely transitioning to a more patient-centric philosophy, emphasizing patient access to health data, it is also becoming more conscious of health data privacy. With health records being stored digitally, healthcare...

What are the Top Pros and Cons of Adopting Patient Portals?

by Sara Heath

Effectively using patient portals, while oftentimes an important part of increasing patient engagement, is not as simple as telling patients to use them and then seeing the healthcare benefits follow. Rather, patient portals can be seen as a...


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