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Using Risk Stratification in Patient Engagement Strategies

July 19, 2017 - As healthcare professionals continue to develop meaningful patient engagement strategies, they should consider using risk stratification to determine how and with which patients providers will engage. Risk stratification is “the process of assigning a health risk status to a patient, and using the patient’s risk status to direct and improve care,” according to the American...

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Using Social Determinants of Health in Patient-Centered Care

by Sara Heath

The social determinants of health (SDOH) are becoming increasingly relevant in the healthcare space. As the healthcare industry continues toward patient-centered care, experts are exploring patient health outside of the hospital’s four...

Pop Health Data Needed for Future Patient Engagement Tech

by Sara Heath

Healthcare professionals are increasingly looking into patient engagement technology solutions that help them determine how and when to best engage a healthcare consumer, according to a report from Black Book Research. The report includes testimony...

Patient Education Reduces Costs, Boosts Asthma Outcomes

by Sara Heath

Community-based patient education programs can help improve asthma management, resulting in better patient knowledge of their condition, lower healthcare utilization, and lower overall healthcare costs, according to a recent study published in...

“Nonstop” Patient Engagement Requires More Provider Outreach

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement is often touted as a key to driving value-based healthcare, but determining how to conduct patient outreach can be difficult.  As the healthcare system moves away from “sick care” towards a wellness-driven...

New AMA Mapping Tool to Improve Patient Access to Healthcare

by Sara Heath

A new geographic mapping tool from the American Medical Association could help providers identify underserved regions, enabling them to boost patient access to healthcare. According to a press release, the mapping tool is an improved version...

Can Online Articles Improve Patient Education, Engagement?

by Sara Heath

Informational blogs and research summaries can be useful in improving patient engagement and patient education, shows a recent study. The study, led by researcher Anthony J. Levinson, MD, centered on the blog posts included in the McMaster Optimal...

3 Key Strategies for Supporting Patient Self-Management

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement strategies are necessary for an in-depth and productive care encounter, and they are also important for inspiring lasting patient self-management habits. When patients are fully engaged in their healthcare, they are more likely...

Health IT Communication Tools Key for Quality Patient Experience

by Sara Heath

For Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS), a well-connected health IT infrastructure with a focus on communication and patient engagement tools has pulled double duty: not only does it help clinicians deliver a high quality patient experience,...

How Can Wellness Programs Improve to Boost Patient Motivation?

by Sara Heath

Understanding what motivates patients to improve their health and wellness remains a long-standing challenge for providers. Investigating patient wellness programs may be key to understanding the truth behind patient motivation. Two recent studies,...

Can Patient Portal Interventions Improve Flu Vaccination Rates?

by Sara Heath

Although the height of flu season is winding down, researchers are working on patient engagement strategies through patient portal interventions to promote flu vaccination going forward. In a recent article published in the Journal of Medical...

Easier Appointment Scheduling Can Boost Patient Access to Care

by Sara Heath

Developing strong patient engagement strategies is critical for any provider, particularly in this value-based healthcare world, but facilitating actual access to care may be an equally critical hurdle. According to Irene Vergules, a medical...

VA Boosts Patient Access to Care, Engagement Strategies

by Sara Heath

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) is boosting veteran’s access to care by improving its patient engagement strategies, according to David J. Shulkin, MD, VA’s undersecretary for health. During the Association for Healthcare...

Healthcare Execs Focus on Patient Engagement, Population Health

by Sara Heath

Healthcare executives are paying close attention to patient engagement and population health, according to the Advisory Board Company’s Annual Health Care CEO Survey. While the healthcare industry shifts its focus towards value-based and...

3 Patient-Centered Steps to Reduce Medication Non-Adherence

by Sara Heath

Medication non-adherence is a significant population health issue, with a price tag totaling millions of dollars per year in avoidable costs. When confronting the issue, healthcare professionals don’t just face the challenges of creating...

Retail Clinic, Telehealth Visits Increase by 10% Since 2013

by Sara Heath

Retail clinics and telehealth might be the new path toward patient engagement and patient satisfaction, a recent Oliver Wyman survey reveals. The survey, which questioned a total of 2,000 patients, found that alternative care methods, like retail...

How Better Patient Engagement Can Drive Accountable Care

by Sara Heath

When it comes to providing quality accountable care, healthcare organizations need to go beyond the traditional scope of the patient-provider relationship and work to boost patient engagement. According to Mark Wagar, President of Heritage Medical Systems,...

Patient Engagement Initiatives that Aid Population Health Management

by Sara Heath

From different government programs such as accountable care organizations (ACOs) to the EHR meaningful use programs, population health management through patient engagement has become a significant healthcare initiative. As the healthcare industry...


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