Prescription Drug Rates

Price Transparency Essential to Lower Out-of-Pocket Patient Costs

November 6, 2018 - Price transparency and clarity within the chronic care management medication supply chain will be essential for reducing out-of-pocket patient costs, according to a new report from the Congressional Diabetes Caucus. The report, which focuses on high insulin costs, outlines the murky relationship between different players in the insulin supply chain, noting that limited transparency is...

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CMS Allows Medicare Advantage Plans to Adopt Step Therapy

by Sara Heath

CMS has given new authority to Medicare Advantage plans that allows those plans to negotiate lower drug prices. These new policies will specifically allow Medicare Advantage Plans to practice step therapy, which CMS says will create cost...

FDA: Patient Access to OTC Drugs to Cut Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs

by Sara Heath

A draft guidance from FDA will help patients navigate over-the-counter (OTC) drug alternatives for some of their usual, prescription chronic disease management drugs. Ideally, this will promote patient choice in their own medications and...

Generic Prescription Drug Prices, Patient Cost-Sharing Increase

by Sara Heath

Medicare Part D beneficiaries are paying more for generic prescription drugs, despite the fact that the market price for those drugs has remained unchanged, according to an analysis from Avalere. This trend is likely due to the tier these...

Proposed Drug Price Changes to Increase Patient Out-of-Pocket Costs

by Sara Heath

Proposed amendments to drug price coverage could adversely impact patient out-of-pocket costs, causing some patients to pay more for their treatments than they had before, according to a recent analysis from Avalere. Earlier this month,...

High Drug Prices Account for One-Quarter of Patient Insurance Costs

by Sara Heath

The majority of a patient insurance costs go toward paying for prescription drugs, with high drug prices accounting for 23.2 cents of each dollar spent on an insurance premium, according to a recent analysis from America’s Health...

CMS Updates Drug Price Dashboard to Improve Price Transparency

by Sara Heath

CMS has updated its drug pricing dashboards to better reflect the price transparency ideals stated in President Trump’s recent address on drug pricing and out-of-pocket patient costs. The updates will highlight year-over-year...

CVS Deal to Support Affordable Drugs, Patient Treatment Access

by Sara Heath

CVS Health and Epic Systems have announced a partnership for improving visibility of low-cost drug alternatives. The strategy should help patients overcome high drug costs barriers, which can often prohibit patient treatment access. CVS...

High Drug Costs Limit Patient Access to Treatment, Medication

by Sara Heath

Rising out-of-pocket patient costs are keeping patients from using two common heart medications, hindering patient access to treatment, according to an analysis from the Cleveland Clinic. Published as a letter to the editor in the most...

Payer Administrative Barriers Limit Access to Cancer Care

by Sara Heath

Healthcare payers should reform their utilization management strategies and reduce administrative barriers to better facilitate easy access to cancer care, says the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Utilization management...

WA Drug Price Transparency Bill to Reduce Patient Cost Burden

by Sara Heath

The Washington State House of Representatives passed a bill requiring drug manufacturers to offer better price transparency, helping to alleviate patient financial burden. Representative June Robinson sponsored the bill, which passed by a...


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