Who are Community Health Workers, How Do They Treat Patients?

July 31, 2018 - The transition to value-based care has expanded the definition of patient wellness to include both physical and social health. As patient care stretches into the community, the healthcare workforce begins to center on the community health worker. Community health workers “are frontline public health workers who have a close understanding of the community they serve,”...

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What Are the Top Barriers to Patient Portal Adoption, Use?

by Sara Heath

As a fundamental patient engagement technology with numerous reimbursement payments tied to its adoption, providers have long searched for the secret sauce to facilitate high patient portal use. Medical professionals not only aim to meet...

What Are Microhospitals, Their Impact on Patient Access to Care?

by Sara Heath

Amidst the sea of healthcare access offerings, one new type of medical facility has seen an insurgence in popularity. Microhospitals are a new healthcare site supporting the growing need for convenient and accessible patient access to...

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Patient Access?

by Sara Heath

During patient wellness efforts and chronic care management plans, consistent and reliable patient access to care is essential. Non-emergency medical transportation is a core solution to patient care access among populations facing...

What are the Pros and Cons of Retail, Urgent Care Clinics?

by Sara Heath

Retail and urgent care clinics are an ever-growing segment of the healthcare industry. These alternative treatment sites allow patients to receive care from qualified provider in settings outside of the traditional office or emergency...

What is Motivational Interviewing in Patient Care Management?

by Sara Heath

Motivational interviewing is a patient engagement strategy geared toward overcoming a significant challenge in patient care: convincing a patient to make a health behavior change. “A central challenge for many providers is...

What is the Difference Between Urgent Care, Retail Health Clinics?

by Sara Heath

Urgent care and retail health clinics have been instrumental in supplementing patient healthcare access. These alternative treatment facilities allow patients to receive care outside of their primary care clinic’s restrictive office...

What is the Patient Activation Measure in Patient-Centered Care?

by Sara Heath

Patient activation is a key concept in the push for patient-centered care, but is often conflated with the notion of driving patient engagement. However, patient activation is its own quantifiable concept supported by the patient...

How to Create, Conduct Community Health Needs Assessments

by Sara Heath

Healthcare organizations working toward addressing the social determinants of health are using community health needs assessments (CHNAs) to determine the best path forward. From uncovering community health and social woes to identifying...

What are Healthcare Navigators, Patient-Centered Care Benefits?

by Sara Heath

Healthcare navigators are like the industry’s version of a car GPS. They help patients get from place to place in a healthcare system that can often be difficult to understand. But unlike GPS, healthcare navigators are not...

What are the Top Common Social Determinants of Health?

by Sara Heath

The social determinants of health are the factors that affect health outside of the four walls of the hospital. Housing, social services, geographical location, and education are some of the most common social determinants of...

What is Different Between Patient Experience, Satisfaction?

by Sara Heath

Patient experience and patient satisfaction are healthcare terms that are too often used interchangeably. Although they appear to be synonymous – a patient’s hospital experience should be satisfactory, one might assume –...

Using Social Determinants of Health in Patient-Centered Care

by Sara Heath

The social determinants of health (SDOH) are becoming increasingly relevant in the healthcare space. As the healthcare industry continues toward patient-centered care, experts are exploring patient health outside of the hospital’s...


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