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Strategy Joins ED, PCPs to Drive Rural Patient Access to Care

August 14, 2017 - Strong partnership and care coordination between primary care providers and emergency departments could improve population health and patient access to care in rural regions, according to a trio of researchers. The proposed care model was published this week in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, and details how patients can leverage both emergency department care and primary care to meet their...

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How to Develop Community Health, Patient Outreach Efforts

by Sara Heath

The AHA has published a toolkit to help drive community health and improve patient outreach efforts in rural regions and vulnerable urban communities. As healthcare becomes increasingly value-based, hospitals are working to use their resources...

Medical Resident Shortage Hinders Rural Patient Care Access

by Sara Heath

Medical residents beginning their careers are unevenly concentrated in the Northeast and urban regions of the United States, potentially exacerbating clinician shortages and hindering rural patient care access, according to an assessment from...

AHA Lauds Bill for Patient Access to Rural Emergency Hospitals

by Sara Heath

Bipartisan legislation to improve patient access to rural emergency hospitals has been introduced to Congress, according to multiple sources. The Rural Emergency Acute Care Hospital (REACH) Act would create a new rural emergency hospital classification...

AHA: Realign Inpatient, Outpatient Services to Patient Needs

by Sara Heath

The American Hospital Association (AHA) has released a guide to better align inpatient and outpatient healthcare services to meet patient needs. The one-page resource highlights the challenges healthcare organizations face in balancing their...

Senators Urge Sec. Price to Improve Rural Patient Care Access

by Sara Heath

On the tails of HHS Secretary Tom Price’s confirmation, a group of senators have sent him a letter urging him to advocate for better patient care access in rural areas. The group of 41 senators, led by Roger Wicker (R-Miss), Jon Tester...

Bill Targets Patient Access to Pharmacy Care in Rural Areas

by Sara Heath

Pharmacy trade groups are praising the Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act (HR-592), which aims to improve patient access to pharmacy care by recognizing pharmacists as providers under Medicare Part B. The bill, originally...

AHA Develops Strategies to Enhance Rural Healthcare Access

by Sara Heath

As the healthcare industry embraces patient-centered healthcare, organizations must work to ensure healthcare access to vulnerable communities, such as rural or urban regions. So says the American Hospital Association in a recent report. According...


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