Social Determinants of Health

Creating Community Health, Social Programs to Drive Health Equity

August 13, 2018 - Healthcare industry leaders have made it part of their mission to drive health equity, giving all patients equal opportunity to achieve wellness. But as many organizations work toward this goal by expanding patient access to care, others say that isn’t enough. Strategies to address the social determinants of health will be key to achieving health equity. Such was the case at...

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NEMT Patient Care Access Cuts $40K in Medicaid Patient Costs

by Sara Heath

Non-emergency medical transportation yields a considerable return on investment (ROI) as it helps with patient care access in chronic disease management, according to new data from the Medical Transportation Access Coalition (MTAC). On...

Who are Community Health Workers, How Do They Treat Patients?

by Sara Heath

The transition to value-based care has expanded the definition of patient wellness to include both physical and social health. As patient care stretches into the community, the healthcare workforce begins to center on the community health...

Do Rideshare Tools Reduce Transport Barriers, Patient No-Shows?

by Sara Heath

Offering patients access to rideshare services can help address transportation barriers and decrease patient no-show rates by nearly one-quarter, according to recent research presented by Lyft in partnership with Hitch Health. The study...

UnitedHealthcare Invests Millions in Social Determinants of Health

by Sara Heath

UnitedHealthcare has awarded multimillion-dollar grants to community health organizations to help address the social determinants of health in Wisconsin, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, and Louisiana, the health plan has announced. These grants...

Driving Health Equity in Value-Based Care Payment Models

by Sara Heath

Healthcare’s shift from fee-for-service payments to value-based payment models is an important step toward higher-quality healthcare and more judicious healthcare spending. However, emerging payment models must take into account the...

Intermountain Alliance to Address Social Determinants of Health

by Sara Heath

Intermountain Healthcare plans to invest $12 million in programs to coordinate community care services that address the social determinants of health in two Utah cities, the organization recently announced. These funds will bolster the...

HUD Addresses Housing Quality, Social Determinants of Health

by Sara Heath

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has reached an agreement with the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) that aims to make housing and living conditions healthier for residents, addressing a key social determinant of...

How School-Based Behavioral Health Addresses Care Gaps, SDOH

by Sara Heath

At Delaware’s Eisenberg Elementary School that once housed desks, chalkboards, bookcases, and easels, is now a classroom with a fully-functioning pediatric clinic, complete with doctor’s checkups and even mental and behavioral...

NYU Unveils Dashboard Displaying Social Determinants of Health

by Sara Heath

The Department of Population Health at NYU Langone has recently launched its City Health Dashboard, which aims to display financial and social data about communities in the country’s 500 largest cities. Specifically, this dashboard...

How One Doc Uses Cartoons to Address Social Determinants of Health

by Sara Heath

On social media and in the healthcare space, Anita Ravi, MD, is largely known for her patient advocacy and cartoon work depicting the social determinants of health (SDOH) for vulnerable patients and how providers must address those factors...

Doc Help Needed to Overcome High Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs

by Sara Heath

Patients are continuing to cite high out-of-pocket healthcare costs as significant barriers to care, putting more pressure on providers to identify and alleviate those problems, according to a new study from the University of Texas...

Are Providers Responsible for the Social Determinants of Health?

by Sara Heath

Medical professionals and other healthcare industry stakeholders need to develop strategies that allow clinicians to address the social determinants of health without adding to administrative burden and provider burnout, according to a...

Can Peer Health Coaches Boost Patient Engagement in Drug Recovery?

by Sara Heath

Boston Medical Center (BMC) has launched a new program to improve patient engagement during opioid abuse recovery. The program, titled Project RECOVER (Referral, Engagement, Case management and Overdose preVention Education in Recovery),...

Telehealth Closes Patient Care Access Gaps in Rural Mississippi

by Sara Heath

Across the country, telehealth technology is helping to close care gaps in areas where healthcare consumers otherwise would face considerable patient care access challenges. Especially in rural regions, telehealth has allowed patients to...

Programs Targeting Social Determinants of Health Improve Wellness

by Sara Heath

Policy and wellness interventions addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH) at California-based Kaiser Permanente improved health outcomes for the health system’s communities, showed a series of studies published as an...

Can Peer Navigators Address the Social Determinants of Health?

by Sara Heath

Non-clinical laypeople can effectively connect patients with support programs to help address the social determinants of health, making that service more efficient for managed care organizations (MCOs), according to a recent study in the...


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