Patient Engagement White Papers & Webcasts

Best Practices for Using Mobile Patient Portals to Enhance Patient-Centered Care

Patient portals have emerged as key patient engagement technologies, from their benefits for patient communications to provider participation in federal quality reporting programs. But despite portal utility and provider efforts to motivate use,... Download white paper

Take Your Security to New Heights: The Cloud

The cloud — at one point it was a revolution in the workplace. Now it is simply accepted as an efficient way to get business done. The increase in mobile devices and cloud applications has changed everything, from where we work, to how... Download white paper

How to Thrive with Policies: Using Policy Management Software for Change and Efficiency

Learn how Kaiser took their outdated policies and multiple versions of electronic and paper documents and transformed them into a well-oiled policy management system. Find out how you can better manage your organization's policies and procedures.... View webcast

Is Your Network Helping or Hindering Patient Care Delivery?

Healthcare IT continues to experience rapid change as organizations adapt to new security threats while providing clinical applications and data to increasingly far flung clinics and remote locations.  Successful IT departments will be those... View webcast

The Realities of Patient Payments: Growing Patient Responsibility Amid a New Coverage Environment

Patients need convenience and providers need secure, flexible solutions to educate patients on their changing financial responsibilities and to collect the amount owed promptly. The shift to high deductible health plans (HDHPs) has transformed... Download white paper

Stop the Write-Offs: 7 Strategies to Drive Cash Flow

Denial management in healthcare continues to be a challenge—in part because the traditional way of working denials is time-consuming, costly, and prone to error. Denials eat up as much as 3-5% of provider revenue, and according to some... Download white paper

Saint Joseph Hospital Leverages PIVOT Clinical Smartphones for Improved Care Team Communication

Saint Joseph Hospital – a recognized leader in clinical excellence – knows that arming their nurses with the industry’s best clinical smartphones is essential to providing their patients with the best possible care. This is... Download white paper

Six Steps to Developing a Successful Clinical Smartphone Strategy

You’ve heard how clinical smartphones allow nurses to coordinate patient care more efficiently. You may have also read about the enhanced Wi-Fi and management features that allow reliable, consistent and secure communication throughout... Download white paper

Switching your EHR? Experts Address the most Common Questions

Listen as this panel of experts share insights and perspectives from deploying Imprivata solutions alongside customer EHR implementations as well as industry knowledge. Hospitals often switch from one EHR vendor to another. Why? From performance... View webcast

5 Decisive Questions for Optimizing Telehealth Software Evaluation

What used to be a novelty in the healthcare industry has rapidly transformed into the new normal — a growing resource in healthcare’s technological advancement. The telehealth global market is expected to more than double from $18.2... Download white paper

Tele-Behavioral Health: Clinically Effective & Cost Efficient

Each year, nearly 1 in 4 Americans will experience a need for mental health treatment. While mental health comprises of approximately 10% of all emergency department (ED) visits, most do not staff mental health professionals and are rarely equipped... Download white paper

Telestroke: Eliminates Barriers to Life-Saving Care

Stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death in developed countries, killing approximately 130,000 Americans each year. Unfortunately, many hospitals lack access to neurologists for timely consultations, which may waste precious minutes and increase... Download white paper

Tele-Behavioral Health: Reducing the Mental Health Burden on Emergency Departments

In emergency departments (ED), mental health comprises of approximately 7-10% of all patient visits. As a result, it is necessary to implement solutions that enable providers to collaborate with specialists and efficiently diagnose, treat and... Download white paper

Telestroke: Providing Greater Patient Access to Optimal Stroke Care

Globally, there are an estimated 15 million strokes, leading to nearly 5 million deaths and 5 million cases of permanent disability every year. With an increase in stroke patients, the demand for neurological care continues to rise. Even in countries... Download white paper

Four Steps to Develop, Implement, and Operationalize a Bundled Payment Strategy

The paradigm shift to value-based reimbursement creates increasingly complex reimbursement scenarios for health plans. According to a “Journey to Value” study Change Healthcare commissioned, an overwhelming 97% of health plans and... Download white paper

Healthy Hospital Revenue Cycle Index: Denial Trends and Impact on Providers

Denials. They erode providers’ bottom lines, impede timely reimbursement, and sap time and money to appeal. But how much provider revenue is put at risk by denials annually? How much does it cost to rework a claim? And how much are providers... Download white paper

Next Generation Provider Relationship Management

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act and adoption of value-based reimbursement is forcing payers to rethink their relationships with providers. A healthcare economy based on outcomes requires greater communication and collaboration between... View webcast

Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Cybersecurity

Security vendors are inundating CISOs with products purporting to use artificial intelligence to dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of both threat detection and response. However, much of this messaging is confusing, even misleading.... Download white paper

Tackling Urgent Care Wait Times with Technology

Scheduling technologies are allowing patients to make online appointments for their local emergency departments or urgent care facilities – taking away the stress of not knowing who or what will be walking in the door each shift. Find out... Download white paper

Six Ways Hospitals can Prepare for a Catastrophe

The CEO’s of two hospitals in Texas recently were largely affected by the devastation brought along by Hurricane Harvey. They were dedicated to staying open for their patients and in turn have offered other healthcare organizations and... Download white paper

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