Patient Portals

Patients Don’t Feel Patient Engagement Efforts, Survey Shows

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement is seeing improvements in practice, according to CDW Healthcare’s Patient Engagement Perspectives study, although patients don’t necessarily feel the same. The study, which explored the different perspectives patients...

ONC Data Shows Disparities in Patient Access to Health Data

by Sara Heath

Although EHR adoption is becoming more widespread and patient access to health data has seen tremendous growth in the past few years, there are still disparities amongst different patient populations. In the ONC’s latest data brief, the...

OpenNotes, CHIME Partner for Patient Access to Health Information

by Sara Heath

OpenNotes, a project geared toward improving patient access to health information and patient engagement, is growing through a new partnership with the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). Announced as a part of President...

Seniors Turn to mHealth, Health IT to Enhance Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Patients aged 65 and older want to be more involved and empowered in their own healthcare, a recent Welltok survey shows. The Senior Health and Technology Survey, which was conducted via Harris Poll last September, shows that most older adults...

Top 3 Projects Boosting Patient Engagement, Health Data Access

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement and patient access to health data are major buzzwords across the healthcare industry. With seemingly unanimous enthusiasm, providers, policymakers, and industry groups are singing the praises of the concept of patient access...

What are the Top Pros and Cons of Adopting Patient Portals?

by Sara Heath

Effectively using patient portals, while oftentimes an important part of increasing patient engagement, is not as simple as telling patients to use them and then seeing the healthcare benefits follow. Rather, patient portals can be seen as a...

Online Patient Engagement Tools Improve Chronic Disease Management

by Sara Heath

Online patient engagement tools such as patient portals play a significant role in increasing patient engagement in chronic disease management and preventative care, according to researchers from Kaiser Permanente of Southern California....

Driving Follow-Up Care, Patient Engagement with Health IT

by Sara Heath

Increasing patient engagement strategies in follow-up care is critical in maintaining the health of patients beyond the scope of care within the hospital. Improving follow-up care, and ensuring that the patient is engaged with that care, has...

Patient Portal Adoption Rates Hinge on Provider Viewpoints

by Sara Heath

Healthcare providers practicing in low-income rural settings are facing trouble establishing patient portal use, which may be due in part to their attitudes towards the technology and how open their patients are to engaging with the tools. A...

Patient Engagement, Sustained Use Enhance Patient Portal Use

by Sara Heath

Between requirements in meaningful use and its ties to value-based payment models, the concept of patient engagement plays an integral role in the healthcare industry. However, in the flurry of box-checking and requirement-meeting, the true meaning...

Patient Engagement Initiatives that Aid Population Health Management

by Sara Heath

From different government programs such as accountable care organizations (ACOs) to the EHR meaningful use programs, population health management through patient engagement has become a significant healthcare initiative. As the healthcare industry...

3 Best Practices for Boosting Patient Satisfaction

by Sara Heath

Patient satisfaction and positive patient experience are naturally closely tied to patient engagement. When a patient walks out the office door at the end of her visit, she undoubtedly remembers the way the physician spoke with her and his level...


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