Provider Communication

3 Steps to Building Better Patient Satisfaction, Engagement

by Sara Heath

Stronger patient-provider communication and education initiatives are key to boosting patient satisfaction and shared decision-making, shows a recent study conducted by FAIR Health. The study, which surveyed a sample of 1,000 adults regarding...

AHRQ Patient-Centered Toolkit to Boost Provider Communication

by Sara Heath

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has created a new patient-centered toolkit helping to support patient-provider communication following adverse hospital events. The federal agency this week announced the release of the Communication...

How Does Physician Behavior Affect Patient Decision-Making?

by Sara Heath

Doctors need to determine a way by which they can incorporate goal-setting conversations into primary care as a way to boost shared patient decision-making, shows a study recently published in the Annals of Family Medicine. The study took two...

Including Family Caregivers in Patient Engagement Strategies

by Sara Heath

Seldom do patients approach their healthcare alone, but rather seek support from a network of caregivers, family, and friends. As such, providers need to understand how these individuals fit into patient engagement strategies. Below,

Why Some Providers Struggle with Advanced Care Planning Talks

by Sara Heath

Although an overwhelming majority of healthcare providers agree that advanced care planning is critical for adequate and ethical patient care, only a small number of them are actually engaging patients in these kinds of conversations. In a new...

How Can Providers Boost Self-Management for Chronically Ill Patients?

by Sara Heath

To boost self-management for chronically ill patients, providers simply need to provide support, says one study recently published in the American Journal of Managed Care. Researcher Peter Cunningham, PhD, sought to determine how chronically...

Patient Engagement Interventions Boost Shared Decision-Making

by Sara Heath

Interventions targeting patient and provider behaviors are notably effective in improving provider communication and shared decision-making, says a recent study published in Health Affairs. The study, conducted by a research team led by Ming...

Can Online Collaborative Chats Foster Patient Engagement?

by Sara Heath

A space where physicians, patients, and caregivers can all communicate personally might be the next big thing in patient engagement and care coordination. While this approach sounds a whole lot like what can happen in a doctor’s office,...

RelayHealth Signs $140M Military Health Patient Portal Deal

by Sara Heath

McKesson Technologies, Inc., and the Military Health System have signed a $140 million contract to implement  the company’s patient portal, RelayHealth, according to a public statement by the Department of Defense. The patient portal,...

How Does Physician EHR Use Affect Patient Satisfaction Levels?

by Sara Heath

Healthcare professionals may see various clinical benefits to EHR use, but how does this technology affect patient satisfaction? Research shows that EHRs present a challenge in boosting patient satisfaction, requiring providers to focus on their...

4 Best Practices for Improving Patient-Provider Communication

by Sara Heath

The patient-provider relationship is the cornerstone of patient engagement. When a provider communicates well with her patient, it can help to make the patient feel like a valued member of the care team, thus improving patient satisfaction. Patient-provider...

AHIMA Patient Engagement Toolkit Emphasizes Health Data Access

by Sara Heath

Promoting patient health data access is an important part of increasing patient engagement, said the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) in a newly released Patient Engagement Toolkit. The toolkit emphasizes the importance...

3 Ways Social Media in Healthcare can Improve Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Communication between patients and providers is a pillar of good patient engagement strategy, and social media is presenting new opportunities to promote that. As a solid Twitter bio or Facebook presence starts to be the standard mode of connectivity...


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