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How Text Message Communication Improves Patient Outreach

October 15, 2018 - For Bill Hambsh, CEO of North Florida Women’s Care, patient outreach and communication looked a lot more like a game of phone tag. The process, which ideally would be marked with efficiency and high patient engagement levels, too often left patients and providers stuck in a back and forth of phone calls. For years, Hambsh and his colleagues called patients to manage appointments....

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Docs Say Patient Engagement Technology Drives Education, Experience

by Sara Heath

Physicians overwhelmingly support the use of patient engagement technology as a means to improving patient education and patient-provider communication, according to a recent survey conducted by SERMO on behalf of PatientPoint and think...

Payers Face Disconnect in Beneficiary Engagement Preferences

by Sara Heath

Medicare plans are failing to deliver member and beneficiary engagement in the form that members most prefer, according to new data from HealthMine. Specifically, health plan members want their payers to engage them using health IT....

Beneficiary, Patient Engagement with Health IT, Payers Increases

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement with their own health and health providers is markedly increasing, with more patients using health IT to improve their health and better understand their health payer plans, according to new data from...

Patient Engagement Tools, PGHD Present New Engagement Opportunities

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement with different health technologies is increasingly high, as more patients are using tools to connect with the healthcare industry, according to the Deloitte 2018 Survey of US Health Care Consumers. The survey,...

New Tool to Simplify Patient Data Access, Medical Records Request

by Sara Heath

A group of healthcare industry stakeholders have developed the Health Records Request Wizard, a tool aimed at allowing seamless patient data access. The tool, whose prototype was announced at last week’s Biden Cancer Summit, seeks...

Patient mHealth Adoption High, But Prolonged Patient Use Limited

by Sara Heath

Patients are interested in digital and mHealth technology adoption, but lose interest when a tool does not offer strong engagement, according to a recent Rock Health survey. The survey of about 4,000 patients noted an increase in digital...

HHS Hosts Summit on Patient Engagement Technology, Care Management

by Sara Heath

The Department of Health & Human Services is focusing on patient engagement technology and mHealth tools to improve chronic care management, the agency announced during a Patient-Empowering Technologies (PETS) summit held earlier this...

Patients Interested in Telehealth Tech, But Improvements Are Key

by Sara Heath

Although the patient interest in telehealth and other virtual health tools is there, healthcare organizations will need to improve their integration and deliver of these tools in order to garner meaningful adoption, according to a new...

How Technology Can Enhance Family Communication, Satisfaction

by Sara Heath

When Ashley Hodge, MBA, CCP, FPP, saw first-hand the distress many family members experience when their child undergoes surgery, she knew she had to make family communication a part of Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s patient...

AHRQ Hosts Contest for Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures Apps

by Sara Heath

The Agency for Healthcare Resources and Quality (AHRQ) has launched the Step Up App Challenge aimed at creating patient engagement technologies that collect patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs). The contest, which offers $250,000 in...

Geisinger App to Support Patients in Chronic Disease Management

by Sara Heath

Geisinger and Merck have joined forces to create new patient- and caregiver-facing apps to support chronic disease management. The two patient engagement apps will help patients manage the logistics of their care, such as scheduling and...

Patients Unclear About Access to Telehealth Under their Health Plans

by Sara Heath

Nearly half of Medicare Advantage patients are unsure of whether their health plans cover access to telehealth or virtual care services, according to recent HealthMine data. The survey of just under 800 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries...

What Is the Future for Patient Engagement Technology, Health IT?

by Sara Heath

Health IT has long been considered integral to the push for better patient engagement, with healthcare experts asserting that technology will improve the patient experience through seamless data access, care management, and patient...

Patient Portal Adoption Tops 90%, But Strong Patient Use Is Needed

by Sara Heath

Patient portal adoption has become nearly ubiquitous across the country, according to a recent Stat Poll from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). The survey of nearly 1,800 respondents showed that 90 percent of healthcare...

How Telehealth Training Programs Drive Positive Patient Experience

by Sara Heath

With the growing popularity of remote patient care, telehealth training may be the new frontier. As more provider deliver care using telehealth, they need to learn how to reframe their patient-provider communication skills to drive patient...

Patient Experience, Technology Top the List of CIO Priorities

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement technology and improving the patient experience is top priority for CIOs, as more organizations aim to set themselves apart in the competitive healthcare industry, according to a recent report from Impact Advisors and...

CMS Adds CHIO Position to Support Patient Engagement Tech Push

by Sara Heath

CMS will be adding a chief health informatics officer (CHIO) to its leadership team in an effort to support the agency’s patient engagement and health IT initiatives, according to a blog post from CMS Administrator Seema Verma. This...


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