Patient Satisfaction

Understanding Physician Empathy, How It Impacts Patient Care

October 17, 2018 - As the healthcare industry continues its focus on better patient experiences and higher satisfaction, physicians work to improve their patient-provider communication skills. Paramount to these skills is physician empathy, a somewhat elusive factor that few medical professionals understand. In a general sense, empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings...

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How to Create Patient Satisfaction During the Bill Pay Process

by Sara Heath

As the healthcare industry continues to be marked by high patient financial responsibility and out-of-pocket costs, practice leaders strive to ensure the bill pay process yields high patient satisfaction. After all, a positive experience...

Patient-Provider Communication Falls Short of Patient Expectation

by Sara Heath

Although patient-provider communication is an essential aspect of the primary care visit, expectations aren’t quite reality, according to data from Samueli Integrative Health Programs, a non-profit healthcare advocacy group. A...

How Does Medication Prescribing Impact Patient Satisfaction Levels?

by Sara Heath

A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that providers are overprescribing antibiotics for minor respiratory tract infections potentially in an effort to increase patient satisfaction scores. The study, which looked at...

Could Patient-Provider Relationships Reduce Provider Burnout?

by Sara Heath

Focusing on patient-provider relationships and strategies to address the social determinants of health could help reduce provider burnout, but current care models do not always allow for that, according to the Physicians Foundation’s...

Key Steps for Tackling Provider Shortages, Patient Care Access Gaps

by Sara Heath

The United States is staring down a significant provider shortage, raising questions about how to ensure seamless patient care access in a rapidly changing environment. As of 2016, the healthcare industry lacked 20,000 primary care...

Nursing School Research Boosts Patient Access to Mental Healthcare

by Sara Heath

A $2.5 million grant to the University of Arizona College of Nursing aims to provide patient access to the right kind of care for their unique needs. Specifically, the money will fund projects aimed at testing two approaches to mental...

What Role Do Call Centers Play in Patient Communications?

by Sara Heath

Call centers are beginning to fulfill growing and more diverse functions in healthcare organizations, delivering on both internal and patient communication needs, according to a recent Spok survey. The survey of about 400 healthcare...

RAND Tool Lists Hospital Rankings Based on Patient Preference

by Sara Heath

Hospital rating tools should allow patients to rank organizations based off the quality metrics that are important to patients themselves, according to researchers from the RAND Corporation. Such functionality is essential for integrating...

Patients Interested in Telehealth Tech, But Improvements Are Key

by Sara Heath

Although the patient interest in telehealth and other virtual health tools is there, healthcare organizations will need to improve their integration and deliver of these tools in order to garner meaningful adoption, according to a new...

Distinguishing and Defining Top Patient Engagement Keywords

by Sara Heath

As healthcare professionals continue to focus on patient engagement, they face an onslaught of varying and often confusing terminology. Between phrases that sound the same and phrases that sound like they should mean the same thing, it is...

How Patient Loyalty Supports Value-Based Care, Patient Wellness

by Sara Heath

Building strong patient loyalty has become a key goal in an increasingly competitive healthcare industry. In order to survive amongst the numerous healthcare options on the market, healthcare organizations need to become patients’...

How Technology Can Enhance Family Communication, Satisfaction

by Sara Heath

When Ashley Hodge, MBA, CCP, FPP, saw first-hand the distress many family members experience when their child undergoes surgery, she knew she had to make family communication a part of Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s patient...

AHRQ Hosts Contest for Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures Apps

by Sara Heath

The Agency for Healthcare Resources and Quality (AHRQ) has launched the Step Up App Challenge aimed at creating patient engagement technologies that collect patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs). The contest, which offers $250,000 in...

One in Five Patients Use CMS Star Ratings for Healthcare Decisions

by Sara Heath

Only about one-fifth of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are familiar with the CMS star ratings that rank payer coverage, according to a recent HealthMine survey. This finding runs counter to the agency’s intentions for the star...

Best Practices for Patient-Centered Appointment Agenda-Setting

by Sara Heath

A new study from the Mayo Clinic showed that doctors only spend about 11 seconds listening to a patient during appointment agenda-setting before interrupting the patient with their own viewpoint. These results point to a need to improve...

Patient Experience, Technology Top the List of CIO Priorities

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement technology and improving the patient experience is top priority for CIOs, as more organizations aim to set themselves apart in the competitive healthcare industry, according to a recent report from Impact Advisors and...

Understanding the Power Hierarchy in Patient-Provider Relationships

by Sara Heath

The ideal patient-provider relationship will always include a mutual respect between both parties that then leads to a healthcare partnership. A true patient-provider partnership can lead to better care outcomes and deliver on value-based...


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