Patient Engagement Strategies

Facilitating Patient Participation in Precision Medicine

by Sara Heath

The use of patient health data for research purposes is gaining traction in the healthcare industry through the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). However, as healthcare professionals continue to value shared-decision making and patient engagement...

Healthcare Execs Focus on Patient Engagement, Population Health

by Sara Heath

Healthcare executives are paying close attention to patient engagement and population health, according to the Advisory Board Company’s Annual Health Care CEO Survey. While the healthcare industry shifts its focus towards value-based and...

What are the Pros and Cons of Patient-Generated Health Data?

by Sara Heath

As the healthcare landscape changes shape, focusing more on patient-centered outcomes and more efficient use of services, it is important that providers engage the patient as a member of the care team and make joint treatment decisions.  ...

Can Cell Phone Patient Engagement Reduce Medication Non-Adherence?

by Sara Heath

Older, non-white patients of lower socioeconomic status may be harder to engage with in order to reduce medication non-adherence, according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA). Researchers...

How Hospital Environments Affect Patient Satisfaction Levels

by Sara Heath

Hospitals should take a three-pronged approach to improve patient satisfaction and patient experience, according to the American Hospital Association (AHA). In a new publication, Improving the Patient Experience through the Healthcare Physical...

Can Online Collaborative Chats Foster Patient Engagement?

by Sara Heath

A space where physicians, patients, and caregivers can all communicate personally might be the next big thing in patient engagement and care coordination. While this approach sounds a whole lot like what can happen in a doctor’s office,...

Understanding Generational Differences in Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Just as each generation expresses its own unique preferences for fashion and music, patients express different preferences for patient engagement based on their age and life experiences. As healthcare reform efforts increase demand for improved...

Are Patients More Satisfied with mHealth Than Their Providers?

by Sara Heath

Between mHealth’s ability to connect patients and providers in disparate locations, track patient wellness, and monitor symptoms for chronic illness, mobile apps and devices  are disrupting the way patients stay connected to their...

Do Patients Actually Find Access to Physician Notes Useful?

by Sara Heath

Healthcare professionals regularly discuss the benefits of patient access to physician notes, stating that the transparency it provides is beneficial to improving patient engagement and patient-provider communication. However, as the healthcare...

3 Effective Patient Engagement Strategies Using mHealth Tools

by Sara Heath

If you think that health IT and mHealth are permeating all aspects of healthcare, including patient engagement, you’d be right. As the healthcare industry continues to enter into the technological world, providers are discovering new strategies...

3 Benefits of Patient-Generated Health Data, Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Through the current health technology boom amongst patients and the near-ubiquitous adoption of EHRs amongst providers, patient-generated health data has become an important aspect of patient engagement. As defined by the Office of the National...

AHIMA Patient Engagement Toolkit Emphasizes Health Data Access

by Sara Heath

Promoting patient health data access is an important part of increasing patient engagement, said the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) in a newly released Patient Engagement Toolkit. The toolkit emphasizes the importance...

Patients Don’t Feel Patient Engagement Efforts, Survey Shows

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement is seeing improvements in practice, according to CDW Healthcare’s Patient Engagement Perspectives study, although patients don’t necessarily feel the same. The study, which explored the different perspectives patients...

Seniors Turn to mHealth, Health IT to Enhance Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Patients aged 65 and older want to be more involved and empowered in their own healthcare, a recent Welltok survey shows. The Senior Health and Technology Survey, which was conducted via Harris Poll last September, shows that most older adults...

Top 3 Projects Boosting Patient Engagement, Health Data Access

by Sara Heath

Patient engagement and patient access to health data are major buzzwords across the healthcare industry. With seemingly unanimous enthusiasm, providers, policymakers, and industry groups are singing the praises of the concept of patient access...

How Telemedicine Brings New Meaning to Patient Engagement

by Sara Heath

Telemedicine, one of the healthcare industry’s most creative and innovative technological advances, has introduced an entirely new layer to patient engagement. By providing healthcare via video conference on a smartphone or a computer,...


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